Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend picnic

Last Saturday was the 9th birthday of my nephew, and we celebrated it with a picnic in UP Campus.

There was cake, egg salad sandwiches, hotdogs, soda, cookies, and a lot of other yummy junk food. It was just our small family plus a couple of my cousins and their two boys.

It was a nice afternoon for some family fun, but the cherry on top was when my nephew said it was the best birthday he's had yet. :)

Some photos from the picnic:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FO: Brioche scarf

My friend Kathy is going to NYC at the end of the month and it’s going to be cold over there. She asked if I could make her a scarf that’s nice and thick to keep her warm. :)

modeled by Marc despite the heat

I used thick, milk cotton yarn and 6.5mm needles for a quick and cushy knit. I decided to use brioche stitches for this so it could be reversible.

I used the Chinese Waitress cast on, which I think is a good complement to the reversible aesthetic of the brioche stitch. I didn’t know what bind off method to use that would look like the CWCO, so I modified the JSSBO in order to achieve a similar look.

I knit it til it spanned 5 feet 3 inches (around my height).

I'll be posting a how-to soon for the modified JSSBO that I used for the bind off. I need better photos first :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Date Day

Marc and I finally pushed through with making use of the member-for-a-day card at the Manila Pen that our friend Rey gave us for our wedding.

The card let us have a 50% discount at any of the restaurants at the hotel, so Date Day happened!

We went for the buffet lunch at the Escolta restaurant and it was sooo good. I'm glad we got to experience that buffet at just 50% (thanks, Rey!) because even after the discount, our bill was a little more than 1,000 pesos. Eep!

After lunch, we went around the Ayala malls to walk our food guilt off. We maybe ended up at Glorietta 5 and I maybe ended up buying 3.0mm Addi circular needles to add to my collection. How'd that happen? lol

At around 3:00pm, we went back to Greenbelt to avail of the movie vouchers that our friends JP and Trish gave us for Christmas (Thanks, guys!). Yep, we're so lucky to have friends who give us awesome gifts. Which reminds me... Marc, we still haven't given them our holiday gifts! Anyway, as I was saying, we watched a movie -- Wolf of Wall Street. Awesome movie. And for the three hours it took, I didn't realize it even took that long. I only felt it after trying to stand up and finding my back starting to ache. hah

After that, we met up with my sister and Russ for dinner:

I look so pale here^^ I think I need to start wearing make up

After dinner, we went to their gig at Saguijo:

Capped off the night with a beer and then headed home. Marc and I didn't go to any other events after the gig because we had an early thing to go to the next day. In any case, date day was awesome as it was. 

I make it sound like we never have dates anymore, now that we're married, but it's kinda true. These days, we seem to prefer holing up and watching movies or catching up with TV series on our bed. Yeah, we're boring! Just kidding. We still do go out, but for now, we like spending more quality time together, adjusting to living together, and also learning more about each other. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Windy weekend

As if the Metro Manila weather wasn't enough for me, a few of us went to Pililia last weekend to have some much needed R&R. Well, it wasn't all play; my sister's band with Marc and a few of us went to our friend's family's resthouse for an ocular visit-- it's going to be the venue for their first ever music video shoot.

A few photos from then:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP: undefined project

The desire to make an open lace cardigan is back:

I've been swatching a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's second treasury and modifying it to my preference.

Starlight lace (original ver)

Modified starlight lace

Instead of having different stitch counts for two rows, I modified it so that the stitch count is the same all throughout. The modification actually open it all up a bit. Though I am not sure if it's noticeable in the photos.

Here's to hoping I get my shit together and manage to make something out of this!