Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little keychain monsters

I had wanted to make little crochet monsters to give to my friends last December, but I wasn't able to find keychain findings in time for xmas. And this was important for me as I had wanted to put the keychain findings in place first before stuffing these little monstahs. I know, what an excuse eh?

So now it's almost the end of January, and these monsters are still unfinished business between me and my pride. I'm gonna finish 'em in time for the next bazaar opportunity! Promise!

I've crocheted 7 pieces:

Just simple little domes waiting to be stuffed and sewn with faces. I used all kinds of scrap yarn that I had in my stash. This is such a good project to make use of scrap yarn.

I've asked Marc to help me out with the face designing and he did the first one:

Angry Dude. Expressive enough without the mouth embroidered on yet. But I did embroider a straight line for his mouth:

Now he doesn't look angry anymore... He just looks like he's saying "Worrever!"

And that's all I've done out of the 7. Good job me, wooptedoo. But here's what's up next:

Yep, you guessed it right. It's a Skyrim character! And yes, Marc did design this one too. I haven't sewn everything in place yet. I wanna work on my other WIP's this weekend first. Posting them all together when all 7 are done!

Now that this post is out there, I can't not finish these monsters.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When it can't fit... Make it fit!

Last December had a lot of fun bazaars all around the metro. I was lucky enough to have one of the bigger ones located right in the middle of the business center where I work!

Marc and I headed over there before my shift a few days before Christmas so we could complete the rest of our holiday gift-shopping. And of course, the first thing that typical me found was something for myself! We were still about 20m away from the bazaar when my vision zoned in on this simple gray cardigan:

I had to beg for a bit before I could buy it. Marc being more sensible when it comes to shopping, I had to convince him first that this was the only thing I would buy for myself that day (lie).

And so I got the cardigan that I fell in love with at first sight. It was a nice shade of gray, it was light but warm and cozy, it was only 100 pesos! But little did I know that this "love" of mine had its own shortcomings... Literally, it was a bit too small for me on second try!

I wanted to wear it right away, 'cause the airconditioning in my office can get really cold, and realized that it was a bit too tight at the shoulder seams. The fabric was actually tearing a little at the seams of the armholes and shoulders:

Oh dear. I can't not wear this ever again, so I've decided to alter it a bit by undoing the seams and adding a nice lighter-gray piping in between. Good thing I had a little bit of gray cloth leftover from one of my odd sewing engagements.

So far, I've only been able to sneak in the undoing of seams part for this project. My 15-hour-a-day work schedule will not permit me to sew this beaute back up yet. Next weekend will see me finishing this!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trying my hand at Moebius knitting

One thing I like about myself (yes, I'm vain) is the fact that I love trying new things. Especially when it comes to my crafting! I practically get excited when I come across a really cool technique that I haven't tried before.

Anyway, one of the latest things I'm trying out now is Cat Bordhi's Moebius Cast-On. It's a pretty exciting thing... It goes against everything you'd known about standard knitting! Your finished products do not have a right side nor a wrong side, there's just one side that goes on and on to infinity. Okay, getting too excited here.

I'd already tried making a moebius scarf/cowl before. But I crocheted it, not knitted:

And I find it easier to experiment with twists and turns when it comes to crocheting, so this one was not so complicated.

But now I wanted to try knitting a moebius shawl without having to seam anything at the end. Here's my first second attempt at casting on the moebius:

It was pretty daunting at first, and I can't believe I was able to finish casting on without shedding any tears. But thank goodness Cat Bordhi's instructions are so easy to follow (I love ALL her video tutorials! She makes everything easy to remember).

So here's where I am now with my knitted moebius shawl. Given the fact that a moebius is a simple, yet mind-boggling thing, I decided to just stockinette stitch this first attempt:

It's already about 7 inches wide, but I don't think I'll be making it too wide. I'll just eyeball it as I go along. Posting it when it's done.

I'm giving myself til mid-Feb for this project 'cause I work best under the pressure of a deadline, even a self-imposed one. And though I like that part of myself that loves trying new things, I kinda not like the part of myself that loves trying everything all at once. Sooo many WIP's lying around my room these days.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspiration! : le 10 janvier '12

I just love the broomstick stitch pattern. It's cute for making cuffs, thin chokers, tiny purses, etc.

Loving this at the moment:

I wonder. Will I ever be up for using this stitch for a whole shawl?

Monday, January 9, 2012

December 2011 : Did it really happen?

Oh man. Last month was chock-full of changes and strange happennings, I can't believe just one month went by. It was quite a transition month for me.

My life changed from having-so-much-time-I-didn't-feel-any-pressure-to-finish-off-some-projects, to having-no-time-at-all-for-myself-I-miss-my-crafting-!. Currently working two jobs, making new investments, having less time and money for pleasure = Zombie/robot me.

I get these zombie/robot phases every now and then, and I'm hoping this one'll pass soon.

Anyway. To help me remember my December, I took a lot of photos at every possible event I could. All of those memories can be found on my G+ page. But here, I'd like to post a few photos of some funny little things that remind me that I am still a living being:

One of our younger cats, Liger, has been taking over my bed lately. I guess she figures I don't need it anymore what with all the stuff I've been doing. Now who can resist such a cute photo-op?

My 6-year old niece, Bopie, wanted to go camping "in Nature". I told her to make a list first so we can see if we can wing it. Of course, s'mores were on the list; I actually believe that was the main reason for the desired camping trip. For those non-Filipino speakers out there, "katol" is some kind of anti-mosquito incense. Little Bopie found that "insect repellant" was too long for her to waste time on. haha

Found these weirdos at the department store. Furry pigs. What more can I say?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My life-savers

Also known as: What keeps me awake and sane.

Nothing better than the classic ones!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, depression!

I know, it's a new year and I shouldn't let any negative vibes in. But I can't help but feel depressed about this crafting rut I'm in. I just took on a second job a few weeks ago, with plans of using the next three months as a transition from being a busy, stressed-out academician to being a quasi-yuppie with more time (and money) to be crafty. Yes, my new quasi-corporate job* will ironically allow me more time to craft than my teaching stint ever did.

But what I forgot take into account was the fact that working these two jobs 'til mid-March will have me working my fesses off from 8:30am-11:30pm, five days a week, for 10 more weeks. Ho-jeez. My weekends are spent catching up on my beauty sleep of course. Har. I really can't believe how my body likes shutting down on the weekends without my permission!

How to craft now? Gah. And to think my friend's been inviting me to sell about 10 pieces at this bazaar in Ferbruary... I only managed to FO three items during the holidays! This will be my first ever experience actually selling my stuff and it looks like I won't even make it.

Hmmm... It seems this post shouldn't be entitled "Oh, depression!", but rather "Oh, desperation!".

*I say quasi-corporate 'cause our office is located in the heart of a business district, but the office atmosphere isn't as "heartless" as your typical corporate setting. *highfives all around!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handmade parols : Holidays 2011

Jennefer, who helps us at keep our home in order, loves making new handmade Christmas stars every December. We call these Christmas star lanterns parol in Filipino. To help her out, we sell these quaint little parols to our friends and neighbors.

She made more this year than last year:

See how colorful and festive they were?

A lot of them she hung in front of our house's gate and then she laced some simple electric lights around them. The ones she was selling got bought so quickly, only the lonely blue one remained:

It kept our living room looking festive too :)

*These lanterns were made with colored cellophane, japanese paper and bamboo sticks.