Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another AD attack!

I haven't been diagnosed with ADD and I don't claim to have it. But when it comes to my crafting, I can't seem to focus on any one thing for long. Tons of WIPs going on right now! I'm sure almost all crafters have the same situation though.

So aside from all those WIPs that I've been posting the past coupla weeks, I've also been practicing my tiny origami skills! Oh man, I used to think I was an ace in origami, but using 3cm x 3cm pieces of paper is really difficult!

Here's my first try with a classic origami pattern that has a LOT of folding involved:

Halfway done!

Itty-bitty crabs!

I was planning on making a tiny pair of crab earrings, but I still haven't finished coating them with some kind of waterproofing finish. I bought two new bottles of ModPodge, but I'm not sure if ModPodge'll make 'em sturdy enough to be worn often as earrings. Gonna try 'em out first. I'd rather not use those hardcore wood lacquers on my tiny origami.

This weekend is running out. These little 'uns will have to wait 'til next week before they can start clinging onto my earlobes.