Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gray cardigan fits!

I bought a cardigan last December that was too tight. It was yet another impulse buy. Agh! And just when I'd decided to alter it a bit, my brother borrowed my Singer Mon Ami sewing machine and broke it. Agh!

I went back to the shop I bought it from and had it traded in (with a bit more additional money out) for a slightly more "hi-tech" one:

It's a Singer Premio! Got it second-hand from the shop by the pier.
(They also sell cheap, second-hand sergers too! :O)

It has more stitch variations, a built-in threader, an easier bobbin-winder and a very user-friendly button-hole-maker! I first had some qualms about the fact that it was push-button operated and not pedal-operated. I wasn't sure if I could get the hang of it, me being a bit of a control-freak. But it worked out fine! I love my new machine. I guess it was a blessing in disguise when my brother broke my old one.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I finally got around to making some alterations with that gray cardigan. And here it is:

I added extra fabric between seams using a lighter gray-colored jersey cloth. Miraculously, my seams don't look as crooked as they really are up close! The jersey fabric works great because my original problem was the cardigan being too tight. Now it fits so comfortably.

Some detail:

The lighter colored cloth doesn't look as tacky or as "sporty" as I had feared.

I also added some tiny flower-like embroidery detail (lovin' the new machine, like I said!) to cover up the ugly original seam.

Looks decent after all! Another thing to wear in the office.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Some February 2012 FOs and a March birthday

**Bopie visited last weekend, showing off her new front teeth! And her new 3D glasses from the cereal box:

Must start coming up with her 7th birthday gift this April!

Last month, without realizing it, I actually was able to finish two tiny projects: A cute blue headband and a big slouchy cap.

Marc gave in again to my little impulse buys and allowed me to buy the book "400 knitting stitches" by Potter Craft. Don't get me wrong, he isn't a miser and he isn't mean, but I have always asked him to help me NOT buy too many things on a whim. But he's right, this book is a good great investment!

I took two pretty lace patterns from the book and incorporated them into a headband and cap pattern.

Lily of the Valley Headband
Modelled by my sister.

For this cute blue headband, I used the Lily of the Valley pattern. Cast on 20 stitches for the design using  some sock-weight yarn and size 2.5mm circular needles.

Open V's slouchy cap
Modelled by ma.

For this chic slouchy cap, I used the open V's lace pattern. Cast on 110 stitches with Red-Heart red acrylic yarn and size 8 (5mm) needles. 

I love the Lily of the Valley lace pattern so much, I'm working on another hat using it.


Yesterday was Marc's birthday. 25! 25! We stayed up on the night of the 14th to do what we call "salubong" or "welcoming" of his birthday. Twenty minutes before 12mn, he fell asleep!

But we woke him up right at midnight to wish him a Happy Happy Birthday! <3

Obviously sleepy eyes. 
Thanks Selena and Russ for joining the "salubong"!