Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shoulder bag/pouch number 2

Selena liked the pouch that I made using the yarn Mansy gave me, so I made her one in a different set of colors:

The body was crocheted mainly in black using Red Heart Yarn and a J hook, with thin old rose stripes (source and type of old rose yarn unknown, it was a gift from a friend). The flap was crocheted in same old rose yarn, with the lining in black.

Just stated the obvious right there.

I crocheted the strap shorter than for my own color-pop pouch 'cause I was sure it'd stretch when things get put in.

Success! Selena liked it! :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Japanese Pattern no.2 - Sleeveless Top for layering

I began working on a new pattern from one of my Japanese sewing pattern books a couple of weekends ago, but I only got to finish it last Sunday.

I don't know what you call this garment... A sleeveless top? A vest? A blouse? 

Anyway. It was a bit more challenging for me than the first shift dress as it had more pattern pieces to sew together. Also, there were more new-to-me techniques that I had to try like gathering, sewing a gathered piece to a straight one, etc.

I used the leftover fabric from my first shift dress. I told myself I wouldn't buy any new fabric until I finish most of what's in my stash. Ohh, must work harder so I can reward myself!
I cut out the pattern long before I started actually working on the garment. I was a bit worried that the fabric would be too stiff for it, but I just decided to wing it.

So many pattern pieces! (6)

I also learned that you can never have too many pins!

For the front panels, I didn't use separate facings. Since the pieces were small, I just cut out duplicates to 
sew together. It was actually pretty difficult to press and get the right shape.

Ta-daaa! The finished garment! I wore it to my friend's birthday party 
without having it washed haha.

I really don't how people do it -- I couldn't seem to get my front panels to match! Ugh. One is ever so slightly taller than the other. Pretty obvious now, thanks to the buttons. Heh.

Speaking of buttons, I used the really cute wooden ones that I picked up from the scrapbooking section of NBS!

Give a dog a bone. Twinkle twinkle little star. Fishy fishy in the brook.

I decided not to use matching shapes and they ended up looking so funny and random together (a bone?!).

The pattern called for small garter pieces to sew on as the button ties (? not sure about the term here) on the opposite panel. I didn't have any black garter on hand so I opted to use the thread loops technique that I learned from my new sewing bible: Teach Yourself Visually Fashion Sewing. Thank goodness I know how to crochet, else I wouldn't've been able to do it as quick as I did.

I also quickly sewed a simple sleeveless tank to wear under the new garment. I just traced one of my favorite tanks and used some stretchy orange fabric from my stash.

Love this fabric! No need to sew any hems!

Here's how the two pieces look together.

I like the contrasting colors.

Another close up of the buttons and the thread loops. 

Yes, the orange top I made was a bit too tight so I just settled on using my old pink tank to wear with it. Next project: fixing that orange top! ha!

...I can't wait til August when I can get a better gadget to take pictures with. My posts seem to rely heavily on photos and I can only offer blurry, pixelated ones.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random May 2012

Donatella came home one day and actually lay next to me on the sofa. She's been such a vagabond lately.


Selena helped mom and I alter a couple of her own dresses. She was tasked to rip out the sleeves at the seams.


The fire tree in the backyard is in bloom. Sooo pretty.


Silvio slept next to me on my bed the other night! Rare occurrence ever since he started enjoying the outdoors more.


A photo of Boxer permitting Selena to pet him for a few precious seconds.


My one-year-and-a-half year-old notebook that I bought from Deus of The Printing Place. It's holding up remarkably well with the wear and tear.


Mom's birthday is today!!! I love you, ma!

And of course, the food:

And the birthday video.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Color-pop pouch

Mansy gave me a tiny ball of multi-colored yarn as her pasalubong for me from her trip to the Himalayas and I was so excited to use it immediately.

There wasn't enough of it to make a cute pair of socks or even a snug beanie, so I decided to knit up a block of it to turn into a flap for a small pouch:

After knitting in stockinette stitch as much as I could with the yarn, I crocheted a border 
of black single crochet stitches around it.

Then I crocheted a same-sized block in black to serve as lining since the stockinette block kept curling up. 
It made this flap sturdier too.

Thicker, sturdier.

Then came the actual body of the pouch...

And the strap... which I made with tunisian crochet stitches (4 sts per row). I didn't make it too long since 
I expected the whole thing to stretch with the weight of the bag. 

VoilĂ ! The finished product!!!

It was quick to make. I didn't follow a pattern; I just eyeballed it as I went along. Selena liked the size and shape of it so much, she asked me to make a similar one for her, but with a different color scheme.

I think this kind of project is something I may make more of in the future.


Now why didn't I knit the rest of the pouch's body instead of crocheting it? I find that crocheted fabric ends up being thicker and sturdier than knitted ones. And since this is a pouch for me, me the over-packer (that sounded wrong), I needed something that could stand to take all my on-the-go necessities.

I was able to use it already and I'm happy with it. The strap turned out to be just right... It did stretch a bit with all my things XD

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Basique Broderie

My friend Isa just came back from a two-week trip to Europe (mostly French-speaking areas) and she brought home a book for me!!! Basique Broderie!

This is pretty cool. I feel like such a friend of the cosmos! HAHA.

I was just trying to decide within myself a few days ago whether I wanted to try my hand at embroidery or not. I've been coming across quite a few instructional books on this lately and I've become sooo tempted to buy them all. I can't really afford to dive into just anything new these days so I was leaning more toward not trying it out til my personal pact [of not buying anything major that I can make or thrift myself] ends in December.

I feel so lucky that she chose to get this for me! I already have most of the materials needed at hand and now I have a book to guide me.

Thanks so much, Isa!

P.S. The whole book is in French so it's double the excitement! I need to keep honing my reading skills so this'll be perfect -- I'll practice reading "technical texts".