Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knitting haul

Last Saturday, I bought a toy knitting machine for cheap! Don't ask why I bought it. haha

It can knit a simple tube in the round, but it has an option for knitting flat pieces back and forth too :)

I think each tube you knit comes out with 18 sts all around, so basically, you need yarn that is on the thicker side.

It's quite addicting to use. And Marc and I plan on making a few softies we can stuff and embroider and hopefully sell some time. No decent photos of an actual product using this though, the yarn that came with the box was a bit dirty:

That yellow tube at the lower right is what I made using the machine.

To use the machine, you just thread the yarn through the green receptacle to the "teeth" and start winding the lever. There is no cast on, so you'll have to manually thread some yarn through the first round or row to prevent it from unravelling. Same goes for casting off.

In other news, I have a couple of photos to share for my current WIPs:

I'm trying to make a wristband here^^. Trying is the word. The tiny stitches and non-stretchy crochet thread are also trying my patience.


Finally using that pretty yarn to make another shawl for myself. A lightweight yet warm one. Seafoam stitch border up there!

I'm gonna be incorporating a variation of the wavy pattern I used for the wavy hat. Man, I wish I were more creative with project names.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mondays make me crazy

...Luckily this will only be a 3-day work week! :D While being stuck at the office, guess what's on my mind?

- I don't really have anything interesting to post, but I wanted to post something nonetheless. I spent the whole weekend watching movies at home with Marc, and happily I got some good results from swatching. Oh, and I enjoyed the movies too.

- I have a few projects on the needles all at once, but none are for any concrete projects yet. I'm trying out a design using double-knitting, and I'm also considering translating the design into a lacy stitch pattern.

- Still not feeling inspired about any more travelling stitch designs, despite getting a Craftsy class on cable designs. But I really want to try my hand at designing with this kind of knitting.

- Speaking of Craftsy classes, can't wait to check out the Wee Ones class! Knitting toys!

- All these lists I have in my notebook(s) are confusing me. Either I get an organized planner and render all my other notebooks useless, or I get a knitting-dedicated sketchbook type thing to draw some pattern ideas. HMMM. *No, I do not need another notebook* repeat ** 10,000,000 times.

- Now what do I have on my needles exactly?
  • Wristband with newly-swatched DK design: I'm pretty excited about this verrrry simple pattern.
  • Tiny stitches hat: The color-striping decision-making is killing me! I wonder if thicker stripes will make me feel better?
  • Swatching lacy translation of newly-swatched DK design ^^. I have cast on the stitches. That's all.
  • Shawl/wrap with seafoam stitch edging. What about the body?
- Anything non-knitting to share? 5 free days ahead! Yay, no work for 5 wonderful days... Which will be spent knitting or swatching. Damn. :))

- DPNs are killing me. I understand that DPNs are awesome for small-scale knitting in the round (and small-scale swatching flat too!), but tiny DPNs with tiny yarn will mean the death of my 20-20 vision.

- I bought a toy knitting machine last Saturday. It can knit a limited amount of stitches flat or in the round. It's fun and addicting :) Pics tomorrow, hopefully.

- I made a tiny but important mistake in my first ever Ravelry-shared pattern. *tears. Good thing a nice person pointed out the error to me and I got to update the PDF. Sheesh. I feel so embarrassed!

- I'm interested in meeting more knitters in the area... Maybe I can find friendly people who can test-knit some patterns for me sometimes? :D I also need more people to hang out with and talk to about knitting because I'm pretty sure Marc gets confused sometimes when I assume he understands what I'm saying haha.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Currently obsessed with... Double Knitting!

I got a chance to enroll in another Craftsy class! :D

A fellow Raveler from my Project-A-Month group gave us the heads up about the promo and I managed to enroll in the Adventures in Double Knitting class.

Anyway, what's important is, it's an awesome class. I've fallen in love with the technique. At the beginning, I was a bit worried that the way the teacher was talking would make me feel bored. He kinda looks too serious for a class (and yes, he's a he! A guy knitter! Awesome). But as I got used to his style of teaching, I became so absorbed and found that I was picking up the technique quite easily enough! Also, I am now a fan of his work.

I love how double-knitting gives you a reversible fabric. I also love how easy it is to play with contrasting colors for a design! My mind is racing with ideas! I just need to calm down enough to start working on them one at a time.

Here are a couple of photos of my first DK swatch:



Because I was enjoying myself so much, this swatch ended up being about 10 inches long. Too bad I ran out of yarn (story of my life!!! !!), but this could have ended up being a cute reversible headband :)

Looking forward to more adventures in double-knitting.

...And more birthdays!

I have always thought that February was the month with the most birthdays, but I just realized that March is also pretty jam-packed!

Today is the birthday of one of my brothers. He turns 32! It's also Marc's mom's birthday and this is the year she can claim her senior citizen's card. XD Happy birthday to them both!

And coming up at the end of the month is my sister's birthday, as well as Mansy's! It's awesome that two people I really like and admire share the same birthday :D

For just those two days of this month, there are already 4 wonderful people celebrating. And how about yesterday? It was my aunt's birthday! She may have turned 80, but you wouldn't have guessed it with how energetic and full of life she still is. Happy birthday, Auntie C!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekends are fun. And meant for pigging-out!

Last weekend was choc-full of good eats. We love eating, but I wouldn't call us foodies. (What does that even mean anyway?). We basically ate out for 4 out of the 6 meals of the weekend, and needless to say, it burned a major hole in our pockets. But, twas worth it.

Saturday morning, Marc and I went to Divisoria to source some supplies and we walked all the way to Binondo for lunch after. Yes, we walked all the way. But it was worth it though! We ate at Wai Ying (He had already eaten there with my sister and her BF the week before) and the food did not disappoint.

We each had a bowl of soyed chicken mami which, by the way, had about 4-5 good pieces of chicken per bowl. Yummm. Sulit! Plus, the noodles were the thin, never-soggy kind. Perfect! And then we also split an order of hakaw. Mmm, love hakaw.

Look at all that chicken!
The noodles were initially all at the bottom of the bowl. And that's a nicely-sized bowl,
enough to get Marc full!

We attacked the hakaw before I remembered to take a photo of it all. Yum.

Updated photos: Wavy Hat

Yesterday, I asked Marc to help my take better photos of the Wavy Hat whose old posts looked lame coz you couldn't see the details.

At last, you can also see its actual color! :) I still haven't written up the pattern for this though, I wanna finish some other things first.

Taking advantage of a willing photographer, I also had photos taken of a few old FO's:

FO: Brown and Pink striped hat

I finished a striped hat yesterday while waiting on the set of a music video shoot.

I started with this:

And ended with this:

I mentioned this project in my last post. It's the replacement project of the second wavy hat that I wanted to knit.

It all looks orange-y in this photo, but trust me, it's brown and pink :)

I used 5mm circular needles, and about a skein and a half of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. Gauge is about 4.5 stitches per inch.

A quick and easy knit for this hat-making phase I'm in.

Now, what's left on my needles? The tiny-stitches hat:

I'm calling it that only because I have no name for it yet :p As you can see in the photo, I've already transferred the project from my lovely 2.0mm Aero DPNs to my Addi Turbo 2.0mm circulars. As of this writing, the hat measures 5 inches in diameter... With 180 stitches all around! Wow. Wish me luck?

In between knitting this, I've been trying to think of what else to cast on... Another hat perhaps? Another shawl? Or should I focus first on finishing my two new Craftsy classes (mastering cable design, and double knitting) for inspiration?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Touch and go. Also, tl; dr.

Remember the second wavy hat that I was knitting the other day? The one using yarn that I had frogged from an old crocheted hat I made? I had to frog it this morning. I was halfway through decreasing for the crown but I ran out of yarn. Story of my life!

But it's ok. I'm fine, I don't have the usual urge to buy more yarn to make me feel happy. The yarn diet seems to have instilled a sense of frugality in me (or so I'd like to believe). In fact, when Marc suggested we buy more yarn for it, I declined! Good job, me.

My stash isn't big, but it isn't non-existent either. There are still a number of complete, unused balls in there that are still waiting to be knitted. The problem is, they were bought without a project in mind. Some are from 2008, some are from just last year, but they're all on the same boat of neglect.

Project ideas come to me as I assess my stash. If ever I do come up with an idea first, I try to make sure that I can make do with what I already have. I may make it sound easy, but it's not! Don't get me wrong, I still have stash envy whenever I see other people's posts about their yarn haul.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mondays make me crazy

...so I thought I'd come up with a list of things that make (or could potentially make) me happy :D

Counting my blessings helps remove negative thoughts from my constantly stressed out brain!

1. I got new needles and a couple of knitting books yesterday!

2. I'm halfway done with my second wavy hat. Can't wait to take better photos and finally write up that pattern.

3. I'm currently loving The Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson encounter:

How funny/awesome was that? :D

4. I'm looking forward to our broker getting us a good deal. NOW. lol

5. Marc's birthday is coming up and the thrill/stress of coming up with a nice present is on. XD We'll be celebrating his 20-something birthday with friends at the neighborhood cafe/bar.

Last Monday, I was crayyyyyzy. I felt so stressed and depressed. The next day though, I realized I had a lot to be thankful for and I just knew that moping and feeling negative was just a waste of time.

I'm thinking about making this a weekly thing, to see if it will really keep me positive haha. We sometimes take a lot of things for granted, don't we?

Knitting haul + Sunday hangout

Yesterday, I met up again with Bheng to pick up my orders from her destashing. I got to meet her cute baby! At first, I thought he wanted me to carry him, because he reached out when I arrived, but then he became too shy at the last moment :)

I also got to meet another crocheter, Ms. Eloi. She got a few balls of yarn from Bheng and she showed me this novelty yarn that looked like it was pre-beaded (or should I say pre-sequined?). It was so nice and cute, but I was actually eyeing the gold-ish yarn she also got. hehe ~yarn diet~

Anyway, here's my haul:

A set of 4 9-inch DPNs in size 0!

This is exactly the size I've been looking for :) I think it'll help me get started on using the teeny tiny yarn that I got from frogging that thrifted sweater last year. I love the packaging on this set, it looks vintage. To keep it safe, I inserted the packet into one of my knitting books and kept the needles with the rest of my stash.

Here's another set of 4 9-inch DPNs, but this time, they're 2.75mm.

I foresee more socks in my future...

I also bought a couple of books from Bheng:

Knitting Q&A!

This one's for easy reference :)

Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr

I got Naughty Needles 'cause I wanted to learn how to make better bikini tops and such for any of my friends who ask (actually, I've only made a pair so far!). I didn't think this book could contain such naughty patterns!!! I will not even go into detail here hahaha.

You should check out Bheng's online shop!


After my meet up with Bheng, I went on over to Brian's house to hang out with the guys while they continued their Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game. I didn't join (too wimpy haha), but it was nice just hanging out and knitting and listening to the game play out.

Two games overlapped: The GoT card game and SW:EotE.

And what I knit:

It's another, bigger version of the Wavy hat. If it fits, it'll go to Marc. Still working on writing up the pattern! :p