Monday, April 8, 2013

This Monday isn't so bad... plus I have a FO! Mouselephant

Because it's a holiday tomorrow! :D

I had an easy time coming to work today, thanks to Marc. It was just as well, since I'm having some *ehem* tummy problems this morning (TMI? lol).

This blog has been sadly neglected for the past two weeks, mostly because I really have nothing concrete to show. I've been busy swatching and frogging and trying to settle on a couple of new designs. I'm trying to be more professional about streamlining my patterns so I won't feel too embarrassed about sharing them on Ravelry and Craftsy. If I'm confident enough, maybe I can even offer some of the more complicated ones for sale? We'll see.

So, what knitting have I been doing lately?

I frogged my seafoam stitch shawl attempt, and swatched a new lace-y pattern. Oh, the number of times I swatched and re-swatched and re-plotted the stitches in my charts...

Here's the final pattern in my shawl-in-progress:

The diamond shapes were supposed to be hexagons, but I wanted to add more eyelets to lessen the positive stockinette space. I also added a small daisy-like shape in the center of each diamond to break up the pattern a bit.

And here's a close up:

Here's to hoping this yarn will block when I'm done~

I'm not sure if it's noticeable in my first photo, but this shawl will not be triangular, which is my favorite shawl shape. Rather, it will be just a plain rectangle, turning it into more of a wrap.

The stitch pattern I created is fairly simple and easy to memorize, so I really don't have to bring the chart around with me. :)

Now what shall I call this design? -_-


Oh, I actually had an FO during the Holy Week break! I was supposed to make a Wee Elephant (designed by Susan B. Anderson), which is a seamless knit toy. But again... I ran out of yarn!!! This self-imposed yarn diet is turning into a crazy, masochistic endeavor. I really don't know how I managed to not buy new yarn in months. (more about yarn in another post!)

So, my Wee Elephant ended up being a mouselephant:

The elephant that looks like a mouse

I ran out of yarn for the body and the limbs. It looks ugly! But this is still going to my friend Katty haha. This is definitely NOT going to be associated with the original pattern on Ravelry though, seeing as how I heavily modified the pattern. It absolutely does not look like how it should. I apologize to the designer for associating her name with this in the first place. Hahaha.

Why does it look so much like a mouse? I can't put my finger on it...

The Wee Ones patterns are really good though! The Craftsy class is very comprehensive and the insrtuctions are all very clear. It didn't just teach me how to knit the patterns, but it also taught me valuable techniques to help me design my own seamless toys in the future. We could say that little mouselephant was a start. XD


Having an FO inspired me to cast on another project during the Holy Week. This other project is of double-knitting!

I want to make a collection of pouches that have reversible designs that will look nice in different colors. Here is my first attempt:

Recognize the design? :)

I was on the fence about the construction of the pouch. Should it be knit back-and-forth and then seamed? Or should it be knit in the round?

I first went with knitting it in the round (as you can see in the photos), which is nice and easy. I was even feeling confident and ambitious enough to attempt grafting the bottom of the pouch with the kitchener stitch... Which I successfully did, in fact:

Heee, I feel so smug.

This wasn't taught in the double-knitting class, so I'm surprised I was able to do it in the first place. You can't imagine my anxiety when I started grafting.

But, after beginning the bottom of this pouch, I figured out some changes I wanted in the construction and the design:

1. I want to knit this back-and-forth and just seam the sides.
- Why? I think this will make the sides sturdier and it will be easier to add straps to the pouch.

2. I will need to tweak the design a little bit, because the little image is stretched out too wide for its height.

So... Essentially, this little thing was just a swatch after all!

More updates in another post, this one is too long already! :)

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