Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some updates, a couple of new knitters and a concert


Things are picking up on the knitting end of things. The blue bear is 70% done, and is just lacking the legs and embroidery. And I've finally settled on a shawl shape that I like and have started knitting despite not having a definite pattern for the edging yet.

Should I go for an open, airy edge? Or a dense, texture-y one? Still have to decide on that... Especially since I am going totally against my initial idea of knitting lace on every row and have chosen to just have a mainly stockinette-based shallow shawl. More on this sometime this week, I want to take some better photos of my progress first before posting more about my shawl project.

I've been so lazy about making an effort to bring out my camera to take nice progress photos. I blame it on having a handy, albeit low-end smartphone with a camera. It's so much easier to just take photos with my phone than having to bring out my digicam (talk about first world problems. Somebody slap me!).

Here are some dark and blurry photos from the past week:

Have I ever mentioned that the boys had asked me to teach them how to knit??

A couple of weeks ago, they were watching me knit after dinner. Now, these two boys are very curious and also get easily bored. They don't have any actual toys to play with, so they asked me to teach them. At first I thought I had misheard the question and asked them back, "This? You want to learn how to knit? You sure??". They both said yes, so I brought out a couple of pairs of 5.00mm needles and some of my acrylic yarn.

They have got the garter stitch down pat, especially the older one. The younger one still needs some guidance and he tends to ask me every row whether he made a mistake or not. So cute.

They both wanted to make headbands for their mom and the older one was able to finish his easily. He then moved on to another project, which was a case for their mom's celphone. And he finished it in one morning! All I did to help was to cast off and sew up the sides for him; he already knows how to do the knitted cast on all by himself. :)

Happy with his new cellphone case!

Still working on his mom's headband!

Don't you just love it? My mom is sooo happy that the kids are becoming a bit obsessed with knitting (like their favorite aunt lol); there is less fighting over who gets to play games on the computer, who gets to sit in the hammock, who gets to watch which tv show, etc. They spend whole hours just sitting and focusing on their knitting. HAHA. Of course, we only let them knit for about one hour or an hour and a half, so they don't strain their eyes.

Last Sunday was spent knitting in bed...

While Uncle Marc and Auntie Selena played some songs for fun...

And then at night, Marc, my sister and I went to watch the Deftones (!) live in Manila. Of course, despite being in VIP, my little phone could only handle a few blurry photos... of the stage lights! So no photos of the band and the cover acts and the mosh pit in front of us:

We were one of the early birds

Front act 1
(no stage photo during front act 2)

And so they begin...

Lovely stage lights, eh? HAHA

I never really was a fan of their music before watching them live, and I was really just lucky enough to have been given a ticket (the perks of having a sister whose boyfriend worked as one of the organizers). But now I must say that I have a newfound respect for them. They were awesome. Placado ang lahat! I might even give their songs more of a listen one of these days. It's no wonder they have such an established fan base.

Also, the music took me back to my highschool days, back when my friend Arianne and I would tag along with her older brother's metal band and watch the heavier prods of that time. Uhm, those were the days. Now you can find me in bed by 9.30pm on weeknights. harhar

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giving in to nephew's request aka what's on my needles

...so I haven't made any progress at all in my second design attempt for a shawl. I did chart a few ideas and even swatched one, but nothing concrete still, as of today.

All that there is are the ideas, which I will write down here. You know, in case I feel sad about having made no progress:

- Inspiration: gossamer web shawls
- Yarn to be used: thin but pretty yarn bought from Dreams last year. This yarn has been featured in passing several times on the blog, but no actual projects have been finished.
- Fabric/texture: light and airy. Pattern to be worked on every row, as opposed to every other row. Make use of traveling stitches over purl backgrounds. Lots of yarnovers.

And that's that.

I'm not completely stuck in a rut though. There's is something on my needles, but it isn't a wearable. It's a blue Jubilee Bear for my nephew!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New favorite technique and other updates

Hello there, I'm still alive!

Talk about being unproductive. I haven't finished anything nor started anything either, to be exact. And oddly enough, I'm not beating myself up about it, as I normally would. I guess I really am resigned to the fact that my mind is just too busy with other things these days.

I think I've been taking a cue from Silvio these past couple of weeks

We're still adjusting to the new routine at home, what with the boys living with us now. Initially, tensions were high at home. It's not that we didn't want to have the boys, but we were mostly frustrated with the situation that led to this new set-up.

Monday, May 6, 2013

What isn't on the needles

It's been more than a week since I had anything definite on my needles. I can't seem to decide on a single project to make! This is the most times I've ever knit and frogged in the span of two weeks.

Ever since the boys came to live with us, I haven't had time alone to think for myself. Financial concerns are definitely what trouble my sister and I right now, though she does shoulder more of the burden than I do.

Or maybe here I am over-thinking again?

Anyway, I noticed that, to compensate for the lack of WIP's on my needles, I've been going on an organization spree:

I redid my needle organization!

Using my needle sizer, I was able to more accurately label my unmarked circular needles and organize them according to size.

I used a clearbook recycled from my TEC sessions three years ago, and placed same-sized needles in one sleeve. Each sleeve has a note with a short description of the needle, its length and color (click the photos to see!)

I still don't know what to do with my straight needles and DPNs though... I'm worried they'll puncture the plastic sleeves and get lost. Any suggestions?

P.S. I did finish something three weeks ago:

My space invaders pouch/swatch! Double-knit, reversible! :D
Now to transpose this into a bigger project...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekend fun!

Because today is a holiday, I feel like it's the weekend already! :)

Last weekend was muy fun though! I met up with two knitter friends: Imana and Catyanna. And we spent practically the whole afternoon talking about knitting while knitting! haha just kidding, we also talked about a lot of other things. At last, I found knitters who live near me and we can have regular meet-ups.

This photo is NOT scripted. We just ended up doing the same thing. So funny :)

When evening fell, Marc took me to Cubao to meet up with my work friends.

At the office, we don't really get to talk much, so this was a much-needed catching up dinner.

Sunday found us taking my two nephews for an afternoon in UP. My nephews are going to live with us from now on; they grew up in a province in Mindanao. We were worried they'd get tired of being inside a small house all day everyday, so we're lucky to be living near UP Diliman. We can easily take them there to see open spaces and such.

I often complain about how I never seem to get any rest during the weekends, but I know I shouldn't. Deep inside, I'm really grateful for the people in my life who are awesome and accept me for who I am. :)