Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello there

A photo of me, taken last night, to prove that I am still alive!
With longer hair!

So I haven't been updating this space here. Bad me. But all I've been doing in the past few posts is make excuses, so I'll just stop doing that. Let's just pretend there wasn't an almost-two-month-long pause.

What's happened between then and now?

On the knitting front, zilch. I have completed a total of ZERO projects, but I do have two WIPs on the needles. Updates on those projects in the coming days.

I bailed on two knit meet ups with Catyanna and Imana because of health reasons. The first one was due to my being ill, and the second one was cancelled because I had to take my brother to the hospital that day (dengue segued into measles! Jeez what luck, poor guy).

My fishnet cardi is languishing in my project bag, still just a yoke with no form. I've just begun another knitted top, the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top by The Purl Bee. This one is for a KAL with Ravelry friend Maia. :) With only 13 days left in October, I wonder if either of us can finish on time! haha

I guess one of the main reasons why I haven't been knitting much is because of my as yet unofficial "promotion". Yay! Promotion! It's not that they've made me manager of anything, but basically I have more tasks now to handle (and a bit of a raise, hurrah). It's not yet official, so no one really knows about it here in the office except for our HR consultant and my boss.

Marc and I have been busy bees lately, planning a lot things. I don't wanna say anything definite here just yet, but hopefully in a few weeks' time, I can finally take a breather and document it better right here.

I'm still struggling with making the most of my waking hours, but honestly, 8-9 hours of sleep at night can ironically make me so lethargic and without energy to do anything but commute to and fro the office. SAD. Other people have trouble sleeping, but here I am sleeping most of the time yet not having any zest for life lol. Di bale, November will mean a new life for me. :D

Anyway, here I'll wrap this already-long post with some a lot of photos from the past few weeks (I bought a new phone so I've been taking photos with it more than my digicam :p):