Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP: Gemini top

Currently knitting the Gemini pullover. It's a free pattern by Jane Richmond for Knitty last year.

I love how it's a top down knit, with simple lace details at the yoke. But starting with the lace and ending with endless stockinette is a little tedious.

My progress so far

I'm further down the middle of the body now, just about to increase for the waist. And I can't wait to finish this and try it on! :) If I make it in time, I'll wear this for New Year's Eve.

Thanks to the KALs that my friend Maia got me on, I feel like I've gotten out of my knitting rut! Inspiration is back, and I feel like trying out new stitches and putting together a few simple designs.

In other news, I went to Dreams last weekend and managed to not buy any yarn! :) Yay me! I did buy some knick knacks though...

The loot:
- Addi Lace Circular needles: I love these! I knit so much faster with them than with my other needles.
- Actual stitch markers: this is my first time to ever use actual stitch markers. Thus far, I'd been using scrap yarn and safety pins.
- Swift: Err, I don't know how to use this yet, but it came with the--
-Ball winder!: I finally got my own ball winder and I'm excited. I haven't used it yet 'cause I haven't had the time to, but I have lots of yarn that need winding.

So much change has been happening this year and I don't think I was able to blog about a lot of things. But I don't feel any regret for not writing more. I can probably just catch up here and there as I manage. :)