Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Up to speed

Two years and ten months at this desk job and I feel like I have forgotten how to think out of the box.

I know I mentioned in a few blog posts before how much I appreciate stability these days, but honestly, sometimes you gotta rock the boat to remember who you are and what you are capable of.

I'm taking another big jump! Next month, I'll be changing jobs and hopefully I will feel like I have found the career/work-life balance that I want. More updates when it happens.

For now, I will just share some photos to show what I've been doing these past few months.

A pretty wedding gift from Mansy!

Photo heavy post. More after the jump!
Kept the photos small, but click for big:

I am now a fitness instructor too.

Hung out at Selena's (one of several occasions)

Attended a cousin's wedding

Company outing in EK

Cooked dinner for my friends

Best women in my life

A dear friend is having a baby! and we all got her a stroller :)

Guess who had his hair shaved off?
And who else chopped their hair off??

Visited Bohol for the first time. Definitely not the last time!

Mind museum!

Accidental terno

Embroidered a kitty on my new hoodie

Spent the long weekend in a friend's house in Tagaytay...
And got pregnant with a food baby!

Had dinner/coffee with my best friends

Baked and ate tons more cookies. Marc's specialty!

And what's this? Finally, some knitting?
I told my Rav groupmates that I'd be making a hat to give away during the next meet up. Gotta make sure I follow through with my promise :)
Also, getting back into a knitting groove is never a bad thing.

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